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The climate crisis
is the defining issue of our time

Renewable Energy 

50% renewable energy in our city's electric grid by 2025.

Energy Efficiency

25% greater energy efficiency in school & municipal buildings by 2025 in order to waste less energy and costs for our community.

Energy Justice

Lower energy costs & make housing more affordable by enacting equitable pricing and incentives for weatherization.

Tell Harrisonburg City Council

Write a letter to City Council

409 South Main Street, Harrisonburg VA 22801

Call the City Manager’s Office Phone: 540-432-7701

Email City Council members using the links on the right and sample message below

Keep updated with 50 by 25 events and City Hall meetings

Click a link below to email a City Council Member

Dear Council Member ____________________,                      


The Climate Crisis is the defining issue of our time. It affects all of us, and it affects vulnerable populations first and worst.             


I ask the Harrisonburg City Council to:


1.  Switch to solar and wind energy. Direct our electric utility to provide 50% solar and wind energy for our electric grid by 2025 and 100% by 2030.

2.  Waste less energy, lower costs for our community. Increase energy efficiency by 25% in municipal and school buildings by 2025..

3.  Ensure energy justice for all. Enact socially just and equitable pricing for residential and commercial electricity users. Create weatherization and energy efficiency programs that make it easier and more affordable for property owners and renters to lower their energy bills.

Tell City Council
A group of local citizens advocating for climate action in the streets of Harrisonburg
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